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Guru Comic: Enlightenment


Well, sheeet. I guess you all know what I look like now. Special shouts at Erik Reichenbach for giving guru a total makeover.

Fireside cat, Christmas greetings and a Roku


We’re ramping up for Christmas around here so that means a blast from the blast post. Here’s my cat Chestnut roasting on an open fire.

Originally posted on Shouts from the Abyss:

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...

Please enjoy this scene from the Taker residence on this beautiful Christmas Eve. We see here The Cat on his version of Pride Rock, enjoying the yuletide fire we found in our new Roku device. Don’t get too close now, Mr. Fluffles.

Merry Christmas!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our holiday post regarding the War on Christmas. Negativity never takes a day off…

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SCOTUS Hears Arguments on Compensability of Required Security Screenings Under FLSA


The United States Supreme Court recently heard arguments in a case regarding employees who are required to submit to theft prevention checks after the end of their work shifts and when off the clock. Employers have been pulling “I’m not paying you for your time” crap like this since I was a wee 16-year-old lad working at McDonalds and they said if I didn’t continue working after clocking out I would lose my job. It’s yet another form of intimidation and abuse of employees at the hands of their employers. This article notes that cases of “uncompensated work time” have been increasing. That means this decision by SCOTUS is going to be very important. Will they strike a blow for the underdog or allow companies to grind employees further under their boot heels? Sadly I couldn’t find much coverage of this story in the WordPress blogsphere. I’ll be watching this case with great interest.

Originally posted on Employment Law Matters:

This was originally published on Montgomery McCracken’s Ahead of the Class blog by our colleague, Patrick Ryan. Pat’s practice emphasizes commercial litigation, antitrust matters, the defense of professional liability claims, and business litigation involving claims asserted under the federal RICO statute. He can be reached at or 215.772.7563.

The Supreme Court heard oral argument yesterday in an important Fair Labor Standards Act case that asks whether an employer who requires hourly employees to go through a security screening at the end of their shift – as a way to prevent employee theft – must compensate the employees when the process takes up to 25 minutes each day because of long lines and the requirement of emptying pockets, having bags inspected, and passing through a metal detector.shutterstock_123163654

The case is Integrity Staffing Solutions v. Busk and involves employees of a company that provides warehouse space and staffing to…

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Who Is Hosing Me?

I hope y’all enjoyed the kid-friendly headline. It wasn’t my first choice. -Ed.

I’m looking at one of the 42,000 spinning animations that constitute the soundtrack of my life. In this particular instance it belongs to the Netflix app on my iPad. But really it could be any of them.

One question: Who is responsible for this outage outrage?

Yes, we have the technology to sell technology whether it is ready for prime time or not.

When I was a kid “sit and spin” was consider an insult. Now it’s a phrase that singularly defines an entire generation of tech-hungry consumers.

Who decided this shit was ready? Because I have a serious bone to pick with them.

The technology cycle works like this: Invent. Sell. Count your piles of gold. Then, and only then, stick your head up, look around and see how it works. (Just ask Apple about iOS 8.)

This thing, right here, right now, is not working. Since it takes about 42 pieces of tech just to make this go, how should I proceed? Is there a way for an average schmo like me to logically isolate the culprit? Is there anyone I can call who won’t say, “Nope. It’s not us,” and point the finger at one of the other 41 links in the chain, including me?

I think not.

Is it my ISP? The cable assholes of Satan? Is it the router? The modem? Any points of relay on the internet between me and them? Is it a problem in my iPad? Is it Netflix itself? Is it the Amazon Cloud where Netflix wisely decided to put their egg in a basket? Is it a fucking solar flare?

All I know is that I paid a lot of money for this shit and that money is long gone. And there’s no tech fairy who will make it right.

What a helpless feeling. It’s enough to make my head spin.

This post was written on an iPad using only one finger. Sheer torture.

Tippy Toe: Life’s Ruinous Moments

tiptoeSometimes what starts out as a perfect and beautiful day full of optimism and hope can take a turn for the worse. Sometimes it only takes a few scant seconds.

I woke up first. Stealthily I slipped out of the covers like a ninja lynx. I tiptoed across the room. My wife was zonked and she needed to sleep in. With God as my witness I vowed to do my part.

On the bedroom doorknob hung the finest shirt that I owned. I have this annoying habit of putting shirts on knobs rather than hanging them up. It drives my wife nuts. I had worn it to a funeral the day before. My Sunday best consists of a black short-sleeved button-up shirt, the only blue jeans I own without holes in the knees, white socks and a pair of sneakers. Yep, that’s as good as it gets.

I wanted to keep noise out of the bedroom but I couldn’t close the door all the way because of the cats. They show great magic at doors that are closed to them and that would undoubtedly wake her up. So I gently nudged the door so it was mostly closed to help keep out light and noise.

In a good mood, I then proceeded to start my day. Little did I know it was already too late. The berg had already been struck. I just didn’t know it yet.

A few seconds later and my wife was up. What the hell?!

“What are you doing awake, my Queen?” I politely inquired.

“The cats were in the bedroom and they couldn’t get out.”

Oh shit.

“But I left the door cracked just so that wouldn’t happen, my love.”

“Your goddamned shirt was in the way. They couldn’t get out.”

Oh shit.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“That’s not all,” she added.

I was filled with dread.

“They shredded your shirt.”

And, sometimes, that’s all it takes. Get out of bed and the hammer of life comes down hard and bone-crushingly shatters you, your dreams and even your shirt.

I looked at my watch. I’d been awake for 42 seconds.

Good times.

Hyppo and Critter: Flighty Politicans

A hot political season heralds the return of our favorite H&C politician, Wes Gull, and he’s got something to say.



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