Feckless Friday: pixelization challenge

Here is this week’s pixelization challenge image. Good luck!

5 responses

  1. It’s a puppy dressed like Santa …..or Lego blocks


  2. Psst Was I suppose to really guess this or have I been a party pooper ? Go on, you can be brutally honest 🙂


    1. Yes, you were! 🙂 So, you got it right? Damn, I made it too easy!


  3. Okay… I got the santa part.. but I’m failing on where the puppy came in. Sooo… No, I don’t think you made it too easy. =)


    1. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll post this image with a few more pixels soon. Yes, it is an image of Santa. Puppy? What puppy? I guess pixelization is a lot like looking at clouds. 🙂


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