Not playing any reindeer games

Here’s a few random Christmas treats:

Today is my 28th day of being a vegetarian. As I already wrote earlier, this week for my birthday my company had a little party to celebrate. The guest of honor: the meat’s lovers pizza. I kid you  not! Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

Last night Mrs. Abyss went to her company’s Christmas party. “Significant others” were invited but they’d have to pay $25. It’s the most wonderful time of the year (spouses excluded). So sorry, I opted out, especially when I heard what local restaurant was catering. What a rip. Especially when you factor in that we’re currently doing the vegetarian thing. She said there was ham and prime rib and roast beef and that she’s pretty sure she was the only vegetarian who was there. (And she works for a pretty large company around here.) Yes, we love our meat around here. She asked for the vegetarian option and was told, “salad.” Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

That’s about all I got this time. Peace. Out. Yo.

4 responses

  1. 28 days huh? lemme know how it’s working out for your weight, i might jump to your bandwagon if i could start shedding a few pounds..


  2. I was a strict vegetarian for 11 years and now eat fish/seafood, too. I am surprised at how often I heard “there’ll be a salad” or “well, there’s side dishes” to that question. (Funny thing is that often the side dishes are prepared with meat stock of some sort.) Things have gotten a lot better but I make no assumptions about what I’m in for when other people are doing the planning.


    1. Good points. I also learned the other night you have to ask about the refried beans, and probably the tortillas as well. The refried beans contained lard so I went with whole pinto beans instead.


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