Daily Archives: December 27th, 2009

Jesus is the reason for the seasonings

This is a food post. I’d have to go back and look to be sure, but I think today is about 50 days of vegetarianism for me. Here’s some quickie thoughts on how I made it through the holidays:

Christmas Eve: Veggie pizza.

Christmas Day: Breakfast was delicious eggs benedict with a slice of tomato and avocado. Lunch was an onion tart. Dinner was vegetable minestrone.

Day after Christmas: This was a family gathering at a seafood restaurant. I asked, “what do they have for vegetarians?” The response, “side salad.” Argh! It all worked out, though. I had a dinner salad and the jalapeno poppers appetizers.

Today was leftovers and kickin’ it with no family around. Nothing but rest and relaxation to prepare for the grind which begins anew tomorrow.

For treats we had peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Christmas candy, chocolate truffles and a slice of pumpkin pie.

For booze we had tequila, wine and champagne mimosas. (Not all in the same glass.)

I made it through just fine. Mrs. Abyss opted to go with fish at the seafood restaurant.