Breaking news: Yahoo ends support for Firefox 1.0

This just in – Yesterday the Yahoo! home page stopped supporting Firefox 1.0.

In case your memory is limited like mine, Firefox 1.0 was released on November 9, 2004. (I had to look this up.)

That is year 2-0-0-4. As in almost six years ago!

How do I even know about this? Good question. Yesterday I responded to a service call from a client. He was having problems with his Firefox browser or, as he liked to call it, “Yahoo Firefox.” Bookmarks were gone, all history was gone (except for the current day), the toolbar with favorite icons was gone, and the worst thing of all: The Yahoo! home page wasn’t displaying like it normally did and was saying something about security.

I went into his Firefox and checked the menu Help / About. I saw “Firefox 1.0” and “2004.”

I’m no technological giant but something didn’t quite sound right. I thought to myself, “I just might be on to something here!” 🙂

So I downloaded the most recent version and installed it. (Something this particular client is not capable of doing on his own.)

Viola! Bookmarks and icons magically returned. The Yahoo home page loaded again. All was right with the world once again.

2 responses

  1. I’m not very tech-savvy myself. But I’m sure you made this fella super happy. 🙂


    1. I sure did! He’s helpless without me. 🙂 Too bad he didn’t learn anything when he was the owner of an IT company that did $25 million yearly in sales. 🙂

      Over five years is a long time to go without upgrading your software.


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