Mona the pig

James Taylor wrote a love song to a pig! Well, maybe not a “love” song. Heh! Better check it out. 🙂

Life’s good friends are hard to find
And now one of mine is dead
The things I should have said to her
I shall say to you instead

Mona, Mona
So much of you to love
Too much of you to take care of
Mona, Mona
You got too big to keep
And too damn old to eat

When you where just a football
At your mama’s side
I reckon everyone figured you
For a bar-b-que when you died
And here i’m thinking about you lying underground
Pushing up a pine tree in my field

Oh Mona, Mona
You can close your eyes
I’ve got a twelve gauge surprise
Waiting for you

Since the day that she passed away
Everything’s just the same
Everywhere i go
Somebody mentions her name
Sometimes it’s easiest to tell a friend a lie
’cause they don’t understand the way i feel

Oh Mona, Mona
So much of you to love
Too much of you to take care of
So long

Now she is gone and i am left alone as you can see
But ever since i caused her death
I do miss her company

11 responses

  1. Well, Paul McCartney wrote a song about his dog! I think it’s a thing with singers… They’re allowed to be absolutely mad about their pets :P.


    1. Let’s send that to James Taylor! 🙂


      1. Great idea! “Sweet Baby”James was a favorite in my college dorm — kind of gives away my age, eh? He had hair back then.


    2. Thanks for the pig song. Very cute, very touching, brought a tear to my eye, and a bit of a gasp at the mention of a 12-gauge. Perhaps, James Taylor’s pig was his muse for his song “You’ve got a friend,” although I’m sure that’s NOT the kind of friend I want to be! . Here’s my tribute to Planetjan’s pig, Maisie. You can see she’s snoozing by a little statue of a pig. Indoors, Maisie likes to sleep between two huge pilows, making her look like a huge pork sandwich.


    3. Although love song is appropriate, it would be better termed as a lement.


  2. You made me curious so I looked into this song. I found this quote attributed to James Taylor on (apparently not the “official” site):

    … I wrote ‘Mona,’ a tune about a pig of mine. I was thinking about killing the pig because she was old. I had a new baby [Ben], and my brother Alex noted that the pig sometimes got out and was rambunctious. In fact, I once saw it kill another little pig. They can get ornery in old age. So Alex said, rightly, ‘That pig might kill one of your kids. You gotta be careful.’ I was afraid it was true, so I was considering bumping her off, and I wrote a song about it.”



  3. Now that’s just weird. But funny! Poor Mona!


  4. While organizing my hard drive I just found this photo of where another pig is buried. Seemed apropos for this post. 🙂



  5. […] finley, song 0 Here’s an old song I found about a pig. And no, this isn’t the first pig song I’ve blogged about. I seem to be developing a penchant for pig songs. […]


  6. […] album is notable for including a love song about a pig! That, of course, dovetailed fairly nicely with my chat room […]


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