Infantile choices

Heaven road turn into clouds

This baby goes from joy to despair in six seconds

Some people think that you can choose your parents*. This morning, for some reason, I woke up thinking about this idea.

What would it really mean to make a choice like that?

And, if you could choose your parents, what else would you be choosing? How much information would you be given when making such a choice?

What might the process of this choosing look like?

Putting it into context (in other words, “me”) this is one possible imagining…

There I was floating in time and space. I didn’t know if it was heaven or hell. Maybe it was neither.

I was aware of my sense of self. I knew I was an incorporeal form.

Drifting, I ended up at a structure that looked like a car dealership. I made my way inside.

Before me there were choices. I sensed that these were all possible futures of me. Without knowing why, I realized it was important that I pick one. Somehow I knew it was time to leave this place and be moving on.

Each choice presented tantalizing partial glimpses. Even I knew that total awareness would have made the process of choosing completely irrelevant. What mystery would there be in that?

I could see different parents. Some looked nice, some not. Some choices presented wealth, others not.

Then, down at the end, almost hidden, I saw something that caught my eye. I turned to the salesperson who, previously unnoticed, was floating by my side. “What about that one?” I asked.

The salesperson’s aura flickered suddenly and brightly, flashing rapidly through amazing oranges and reds. What was it that had caused that reaction? “Oh, you don’t want that one,” it spoke to my inner thoughts. “That’s basically just there as a yin-yang kind of thing. Its purpose is to merely provide context for the other choices. It’s not meant to be a legitimate choice of its own.”

I was, of course, very intrigued. “Go on,” I emoted.

“You do not grok,” I heard in my mind. “That fate is not to be chosen. It is extremely flighty. Among it’s many problems, it has the ability to go from joy to despair in six seconds flat. Trust me, nobody wants that.”

“I’ll take it.”

And now you know the rest of the story behind how I ended up on this planet. I’ll be writing about The Pit of Joy and Despair in a future post soon. It’s from the owner’s manual for this model. Stay tuned!

* For proof, google the phrase “choosing your parents.” I was surprised by the number of hits.

7 responses

  1. I like this, and have played this sort of scene out in my head several times over the course of my life, desperate to work out what exactly I thought I’d be learning and benefitting from if I consider this life as a choice of mine. Still working it out. Grokkking has not yet come. Should I read more Heinlein? 😉


  2. Oh, yes! Always more Heinlein!

    I’m not sure that it matters all that much to me about whether I chose my parents or not, it’s more about what I do with the crap I couldn’t control in my past, now that I’m able to affect my own future. I’m still working on time-travel, so I’ll get back to you yesterday on the results.


  3. My hippie friend always reminds me that I chose my parents when I kretch.

    It used to piss me off, gotta say. NOBODY chooses to be treated the way we were. They don’t even make horror movies about that sick stuff.

    As a Believer in Most Things, I have this outlook that the Universe is loving and warm, wants what’s best for everybody. Humanity is great. Individuals? Grr. The “picked your parents” doesn’t work for me but I get the grasping for why we are “stuck” with these people. Certainly, I agree that if we can come to some “resolution” with our family issues, we can get on with most others.


  4. On a related, though off the wall look at this, I googled “Karma and Do We Choose our parents?” and found many results. Although I am happy with my parents, and may have even chosen them if I had the choice, somehow I like the idea of randomness rather than what I found. Here’s an example:


    1. I’ve been reading more of that link, and I’m thinking “holy cow!” Just a little joke, because there’s a whole section on sacred cows. See, I told you it was off the wall! 😉


  5. […] Reincarnation comes around full circle Posted: January 19, 2011 by shoutabyss in ftw, poetry Tags: cowboy, destiny, fate, mcrae, poem, poetry, poop, reincarnation, wallace, wallace mcrae 0 Recently I spent some time pondering the idea that we might choose our own parents. […]


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    I’m reblogging this post for a certain someone. You know who you are.


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