Aisle Hurl 4 You

Look what showed up on the Apple App Store tonight. It’s called Wedding Dash 4-Ever and it’s only $6.99!

Is there a Temptation Island mode? A plastic surgery center? A weight-loss challenge before the pre-nuptials are signed?

Your goal is to help Quinn, the “fabulous” wedding planner, handle all of the wedding “mania” and avoid disasters like Bridezilla, Groom Kong and a Food Fight. But wait, there’s also “fun conga lines.”

Hell, I’d be willing to pay another $20 for the Divorce Attorney expansion pack.

I wonder if I can drag and drop the Recycle Bin icon onto the game? I’m going to need someplace to hurl.

The app is billed as a “time management game.” Sounds like a pretty accurate description of marriage, too!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the desktop version of Hang Time!

7 responses

  1. You’re being a little harsh. Of the various time management games I play, that is the most romantic.


    1. But you are a gentleman and a scholar…


    2. Don’t get me wrong. Being married and being in love (with the same woman, mind you) is the bomb.

      It is our obsession with the wedding itself that I find troublesome.

      Let me check into the Apple App Store and find out how I can gift you the game. 🙂


  2. I cannot look at that screen shot without my lip curling. That’s just…gross. And we wonder why people can’t get this country going in the right direction? They’re doing THIS.


    1. Just how many reality TV shows do we have these days that deal with weddings? I say we need to return to more traditional gaming values. Bring back the first person shooter and all the blood and gore! Now that’s wholesome fun I can support.


      1. Apart from actual ARCADES where you walked in, put a quarter in the machine, balanced your cigarette on the dash and played? That’s the only gaming I know. When people started getting home games, well…that wasn’t in my lifestyle. So, as they got better, I never leapt in…Not counting Qrank 🙂


  3. See? Gaming gets you one way or another. Thankfully I have silenced all the requests for mob hits on my Facebook account. Apparently all of my friends are extremely violent thugs.


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