How Twitter really works

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    1. Thanks! This was prompted, of course, by tweets of mine that I thought were brilliant that just laid there. Nothing! Meanwhile, bullshit from people with lots of followers was pinging around the socialsphere like they were solid gold nuggets.

      Clearly something is askew. Like kindergarten and high school, I guess Twitter is another popularity game. I feel like I’m back in the nerd group and being picked last for sports. A feeling I really relish.


  1. I haven’t been on Twitter for a few days and this post makes me think I missed some winners. Drats. 😉


    1. I thoughtfully provide a historical research function so you can go back and relive all of my tweets. It’s almost like being there.


  2. HA! Is it bad that my first (non-ironic) thought was, “I must tweet this, immediately”?


    (Also, the “HA” should not be read as implying this is not factual and/or accurate. It is, in fact, both these things.)


    1. Woot! Thanks. I hope you did. 🙂

      Since we first met, you have been a world class re-tweeter and it is very much appreciated.


  3. Good one! I find the worst blather are from people you otherwise consider truly creative. Maybe there’s hope for me…maybe those of us who can’t STFU are simply expending the CRAP so our brilliance may one day live!


    1. I’m not creative at all, so that’s a good sign! 🙂

      I think I’ll die happy knowing that my CRAP might live on. You just made my day.


  4. So very funny! Tragically funny.

    Psst, Deborah. My thought too! Away I tweet…


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be stopping by to check your timeline. Let’s see what you got! 🙂

      And thanks for the tweet!


  5. You are so right. I used to follow some celebrities but they were soooo boring. The funniest, most interesting Tweets come from the ‘non-celebrities.’


    1. Thanks! I follow several comedians and somehow I expected something … more. A lot of the tweets are mediocre. I’m like, “Hell, I coulda done that!”

      Every once in a while they do deliver, but not as often as you think.

      I think something similar when the major league baseball player earning $50 million goes up to the plate with the game on the line. He swings and wiffs three times, strikes out, and the game is lost. I think, “What the hell. I could have done just as good for only $2 million.” I’m a fucking bargain!!


  6. There is so much truth in this. Also, I’ve noticed on Facebook, if I (or someone I know) posts something that I think is extremely clever and thought-provoking, there is little to no response. But, when someone posts something asinine like “Is it Friday yet? OMG!!1!!LOL!!” it gets a gazillion likes and replies. We must come up with a name for the phenomenon.


    1. I tried to come up with a name for the phenomenon you described, and I could come up with is TWAT:

      That Which Appeases Twitter


  7. This is why I don’t follow celebs. I’m just not interested.


    1. Well, don’t be too hasty. They can be fun. For example, you can engage in the sport of trying to get them to reply to you. I was successful at this … once. It’s documented on this link:

      Twitter 101: Reply vs Mention


  8. This couldn’t be more accurate. Kim Kardashian tweets are the worst. I think my tweets and blog is GOLD!


    1. Thanks! Thankfully I don’t think my eyeballs have ever been cursed by seeing a tweet from the creature of which you speak. At least I don’t recall running naked down the street begging God for blindness recently.

      I have no doubt you ARE gold – at least when compared to Kim Kardashian. 🙂


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