Throat Punch Thursday

Punch in the Throat!Punch you in the throat, punch you in the throat.
This is a not a case of Murder She Wrote.
You think you got a day without any pain?
Well punch you, motherfucker, you better think again!

This was too big to fit in a tweet, so it becomes an Insta-Post on another Throat Punch Thursday.


Knife Edge Hand Strike Punch Of Throat

5 responses

  1. I love how calm the “puncher” is in the handbook.


    1. Technically he’s not “punching,” but yeah, HECKA PUNCHES!


  2. YES! Not only participating in but redefining Throat Punch Thursday–win!


    1. Yeah, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Throat Punch Thursday since I first heard about it.


  3. […] Damn. It’s just like someone came up and punched me in the throat. Did someone say it’s Thursday? […]


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