Another Christmas Card just for YOU #SeasonsGreetings

To me, there is one thing I really want to be reminded of during the brief moment of enjoyment known as reading a Christmas card.

Yes, you got it. “Difficult times.” No Christmas card is complete without that sentiment.

The Guru of Negativity tips his hat in awe, appreciation and respect to the author of this jolly piece of virginal snow. Those are some massive jingle bells.

The multitasking of wishing seasons greetings while reminding me of this shitty year is a holiday win-win. Even Santa himself couldn’t delivery a better Christmas gift. It’s perfect. I always wanted my heart on a plate.

Ho ho ho…

4 responses

  1. My heart on a plate. Hmm… Sounds like a Kim Jong Eeel in a Santa Suit move to me.


    1. Perfect sentiment for my new arena restaurant called Difficult Times!

      I love that video. Perfectly creepy. Reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid.

      Now all I gotta figure out is how to put that video on a Christmas card of my own.


  2. A sympathy Christmas card greeting. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be happy to get a card like this or on life support.


    1. Exactly! I sure am having fun receiving Christmas cards this year. The spirit of Christmas is alive and well – by making fun of them!


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