Guru Comic: Anti-Pro

10 responses

  1. Silly man 🙂 how many of these ones have u done now? Must be quite a record of them..


    1. I very much liked the idea of being “pro” something still being a negative thought! 🙂

      There must be about 50 of them by now. And over 100 Hyppo and Critter.

      Thanks for the curse of the Tiny Tower, by the way. I’m now trying to get my residents their dream jobs. You turned me into a career counselor. Hey, that might just be the perfect job for me, helping others get placed in shitholes. Oh yeah, baby.


      1. Sorry about your tiny tower 🙂 but its really addictive. Am evicting like a proper evil landlord. They will obey me! 🙂


      2. Evictions? Hold on. This shit just got interesting. I get to be a scum lord! Again.


  2. Antibiotics are ‘good’, are probiotics bad?


    1. You took it to a whole new level I failed to consider. Look for my new line of Pro-Biotics Liquid Hand Soap coming soon to a pump near you!


  3. Pro-fessional bacteria. I knew you had it in you to make it to the big leagues.


    1. Yes. Big time. I’m pro. Just like rasslin’. I’m calling you out, liquid hand soap!


  4. Why not allow the bacteria just live their lives like everyone else?


    1. Indeed. After all, they are more civilized than us.


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