Be Productive #photography

Ever heard of the website Clients From Hell? It’s hilarious. Here’s a recent example of the goodness you can find there:

Nov. 21, 2012

Recently, I had to make small talk with a client’s wife.

ME: I heard that employees that look at pictures of cute animals at work are actually more productive and get more done. Cool, huh?

Client’s wife: You know what I think would make employees more productive at work? Looking at pictures of the unemployment line.

The small talk stopped there.

Source: Clients From Hell

The moral of the story? Empathy knows no limits! By the way, today is Small Business Saturday. A holiday invented by those assholes over at American Express. Good thing I haven’t done my small business yet today. (That’s a poop joke.)

The fellow was obviously referencing this recent news: Looking At Cute Animal Pictures At Work Can Make You More Productive, Study Claims via The Huffington Post.

Because I want you to be productive, too, I’ve decided to share a couple of my recent photographs.

The other day my indoor cat, El Guapo, was doing the meerkat thing on the window sill above the master bed. (Ooh. That’s where it all happens.) He does this thing where he stands up on his rear legs and it is hilarious as hell. I was curious what he was looking at so I jumped on the bed and saw two deer in the neighbor’s yard. The highway is just beyond that chain link fence. Yes, I live 42 feet away from a highway. My cat sure was interested in those deer!

I’m not saying this is a good photo. It’s more like feline meerkat journalism. The bed was shaking, the camera was on maximum zoom, and the light was low so I didn’t get a satisfactory shutter speed.


This isn’t a cute animal but I’ll bet it also improves your productivity. Your results may vary. Make a graph of your productivity increases and send it my way when you get the chance.


5 responses

  1. If looking at cute animals at work increased productivity, Becky from accounts receivable would be CEO of General Motors by now. Her freakin cubicle looks like the littlest pet shop fetish site! Maybe that’s why those 3rd world types are doing all our manufacturing, except they see those fluffy critters as inspiration for lunch.


    1. Ah yes. Becky from AR. I used to swing by her desk on the fourth floor for M&Ms. I especially like the pics of the baby seals. Now I know why she was more productive than me. She had a pics of cute animals. I have a shark.


      1. She was also sleeping with Roger Sterling from the advertising agency – the little slut!


  2. That’s awesome. Your cat is an incredible reporter.


    1. Thanks! I’ll paws that along to him. As I mentioned to my wife, “At least we know his eyes work.”


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