Boss Response to Task Complete


8 responses

  1. Wow. At least there’s a sliver of celebrating success? Jeez!


    1. Thanks!

      To be honest I only put that in there to catch your eye. That slice was also enlarged to show detail. If the graph was realistic that wedge would have been much smaller.


      1. Sliver. Not even. Goodness!


  2. From everything I’ve heard about the boss, I find it hard to believe this chart is accurate.

    Shouldn’t the pie be totally black? Like his soul?


    1. Black is the color of my true love’s soul.

      Yikes. I just self-induced a flood in my pants of epic proportions. [shudder]

      Unfortunately I haven’t mastered the technique of changing the colors of the pie chart wedges. Apparently there are some things even the iPad can’t yet do.

      Need more progress!!!


  3. I seriously think you need to make a T-shirt out of that. I know at least 3/4’s of the people at work would be wearing them today. Oh wait, that’s not true. Maybe only 1/2 cause the other half are the bosses. We have almost a one to one ratio of boss per employee. Not to mention each boss has a boss to make sure the bitching and whining gets done properly!


    1. A 1:1 boss/employee ratio speaks to a lot of bullshit. And I know your company excels at that.

      Great. Let’s make a t-shirt out of it. I’ll give you a pie of the pie for having the great idea! 🙂


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