Massive Aggressive

Note to self: Save this as a draft. Not ready for prime time yet! Perhaps it’ll make a post someday. It’s a good start, just needs to be a bit longer. Which direction should it go? Tantalizing possibilities here. Perhaps a bit too positive. Make it more edgy. Better use caution. Goal: 42 more verses. And a chorus. Don’t forget LSD.


Ain’t nobody gonna push me around
My feet are planted and my fists are coming down
If you ever try to penetrate this zone
I’ll put in you a bag and send your body home

6 responses

  1. Please tell me you’re Getting Charo as a backup singer when this piece is completed.


    1. You think big. I like that. I may pay you homage in verse two.


    1. Isn’t that how all of the truly great lyrics get written?


  2. Well it ain’t exactly tailgates and tanlines but your lyrics have a certain deadly charm.


    1. Tailgates? Yeah, I can see that. I do need a place to store my truck nuts. But tanlines? Somehow that’s a subject I always neglect in my lyrics. I shall redouble my efforts. Unless the lines are on my red neck?


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