Choke Hold – The Game Show

choke-hold-1We’re back from vacation and apologize for being behind on responding to comments and stuff. We’re going to have to play a little catch up. In the meantime, we can kill a minute or two playing a new game show I invented.

Boss Or Artichoke? The Game Show – You Make The Call!

The game couldn’t be easier. We’ll provide a clue and all you have to do is answer “boss” or “artichoke.” It’s just that simple.

If you lose you’ll get a delicious treat as a parting gift. If you win, you’ll get a delicious beat down for 40 hours a week for the rest of your life.

Worth playing for?

Round One

Clue: Be careful – This can prick you!

Boss or Artichoke?

See? Wasn’t that easy? This isn’t so bad. Now we move on the bonus round where things can really happen.

Round Two

Clue: Large globes, inedible beard, thorny stem.

Boss or Artichoke?

The difficulty has increased but so has the fun. Are you ready for the final round of sudden death? Let’s go!

Round Three

Clue: You want to cut out the heart, dip it in a little mayonnaise and eat it raw.

Boss or Artichoke?

Remember, it’s not whether you win or lose – it’s how you play the game. If you didn’t get artichoke this time, don’t worry. There’s always tomorrow.

Better luck next time!


8 responses

  1. Artichoke
    (Though for the last, mustard and some fresh pepper would be better than mayo. Or so I’ve heard…


    1. Wow. No one got it right. It was Boss, Boss, and Boss.

      Mustard on an artichoke? Creepy. I may have to give that a try. I’m definitely in the mayo part of the country.


  2. Boss
    (And you went on vacation and didn’t invite us? Smart move.)


    1. Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you. How about a lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni? On the plus side, you did tie for the highest score.


  3. Boss
    (I knew there was something going on with you and the host of the show…and now you’re vacationing together??)


    1. Sometimes the host sleeps with the contestants. True story! But let us not get too graphic. I don’t want to cast her in the wrong light.

      The right answers were, of course, Boss, Boss and Boss. The studio judges thought you came mighty close, though.


      1. Damn….is there a parting gift?


      2. Sure. How about a DVD of my latest TV show? 49 Shades of Grey: Alaska State Poopers.


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