A Papal Ode

pope-artHere’s a little ditty I just wrote
In honor of selection of new Pope

Perfunctorily crouched and kneeling in time,
Bible thumping and singing in rhyme.
Communion is served, white smoke goes up,
Burning and yearning, they strive for the cup.

Feel free to write your own verses and add to my work. I’m releasing this under a Creative Commons license. But woe be unto you if you have any commons with me.

12 responses

  1. I think you have a perfectly good hip hop tune going here.


    1. Me, too. I’m praying more verses are on the way. Even if not, I’m thinking about recording this and making the audio available to my fan.


  2. Don that robe and drop them britches,
    Out to the balcony, bow to all them bitches.
    The wind blows his dress up, the crowd goes wild,
    There’s screaming and fainting, the day is defiled.


    1. Rhyming “goes wild” with “defiled.” That’s classic FTW.


  3. His every word is simply divine,
    Every utterance of thee, thou and thine.
    I’m sure he speaks enlighteningly of both this and that.
    But I cannot concentrate, because I cannot get past his hat.


    1. LOL! Pope’s wear funny hats. I get it. 🙂

      Nice rhymes you got!


  4. Car made of glass
    it’s pretty dope
    Lots of bro’s work for me,
    belts made of rope
    Bitches under my porch
    cryin’ give us some hope.
    Ain’t no thang,
    I’m the m-f’in Pope!


    1. Very nice. If my wife kindly provides the beat box I’ll bless you all by belting out my rendition of that.


  5. El Guapo, Oma…I bow to you. AWESOME!


    1. There can be no bowing from someone who works defiled into a verse. Break out your beat box skills, there is recording to be done!


  6. Recording Atheists Turntable Studio (R.A.T.S.) here to offer you all a recording contract on a new album coming soon entitled: “Pedophilia Gone Wild.”


    1. Inventing a new genre of music is on my bucket list. How about Popephelia?


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