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A stool with only one leg is also known as a pogo stick.

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The vast majority of American workers are forced to have the freedom to rely on Social Security payments to finance their retirement, because the other two legs of the stool—defined-benefits pensions and home prices—have collapsed.

Therefore, Michael Lind, Joshua Freedman, and Steven Hill argue, the United States should be expanding, not cutting, the Social Security program.

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  1. The Bungalow Blog | Reply

    I agree. But then…I agree with you on everything. *grin*


    1. The funny part is how some seem to think that a stool with zero legs will somehow be acceptable, like there won’t be any social costs and shit. Head in the sand, I guess.

      I know. Let’s make entire generations of people who will live longer than ever before who have absolutely no means of providing for their own survival. It’ll be great.

      What could possibly go wrong?


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