Orange Getaway

An exciting trip to Riverside, California. The musical selection is all mine.

Riverside by The Beat Farmers


The last post dealt with the mechanics (and electricals) of getting to and from our weekend in Riverside without going into a lot of the details of perhaps its biggest question: why the heck would you ever spend a getaway weekend in Riverside?

If you’re not a Californian, Riverside sits near the eastern edge of the Inland Empire – the giant sprawl of towns and suburbs east of Los Angeles. There’s a lot of concrete. And houses. And highways. And airborne particulates. Pretty romantic, right?

Of all the places in California that I’ve been to, Riverside most reminds me of the Rust Belt in the northeastern US. A once-great area that has lost its influence because of shifts in the national and global economies in the 20th century. And like those places, you could see the remnants of it in the gorgeous buildings and arcades of downtown.

One of…

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