We need more guns in bars

Who knew I was laying down the pith as far back as October 2009? Wow. So yeah, there was a shooting in New York City, a place with strict gun control laws. Cue all the people on Facebook and such kneejerking that it’s “proof” that gun control is bad. Hey, that’s in depth analysis of the facts! This post originally addressed guns in Arizona bars but I’m dusting it off in honor of whackality. Now with more audio goodness!

Shouts from the Abyss

Guns and barsI can just imagine it.

The legislator leaned back in his chair, taking a much needed break from porking energy industry “lobbyists” and exclaimed, “what a good job I’ve  been doing” and wondered, “what’s the next problem that needs fixin’.”

“I know,” he exclaimed. “We need more guns in bars. That is what I’ll work on next.”

That’s sort of what happened in Arizona recently when a new law went into effect allowing people with concealed weapons permits to take their guns into bars. (I assume they can already open carry.)

Hmm. Guns and bars. One song immediately leaped to mind.

I rode into town on a crippled horse
Got fired from a cattle drive up north
The ropes of the gallows were swingin’ in the breeze
All the Wanted posters had pictures of me

I got my Colt Forty Five, right by my side
I’m the California Kid, I…

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Bringeth forth thy pith and vinegar

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