Sexpresso: What part of ho don’t you understand?

Once again, my blog proved to be prescient. I don’t want to brag, but hubba hubba. How many social phenomenon have I called out in advance? A veritable plethora, methinks. This time, back on Jan. 27, 2010, I lamented the lack of a “Sexpresso” page on Wikipedia. Lo and behold, the “Bikini barista” page was created a mere 1-1/2 months later! Am I good or what? The odds of that being a coincidence are small. I think someone from Wikipedia must read my blog. I think I’ll celebrate with a hot, steamy cup of ho.

Link Ho The Day: Wikipedia – Bikini barista

Shouts from the Abyss

If you thought fresh coffee spilled in your lap was enough to make you hot then get a load of this! Sexpresso. Say it with me. Sexpresso. The word just rolls off the tongue.

Sexpresso has been around for a while, but apparently it’s still too new for Wikipedia. No “sexpresso” page yet. I think this would be a rewarding project. Anyone want to help me publish one? Maybe launching a new Wikipedia page is my calling for 2010. I just knew I was going to do something significant for humanity this year. 🙂

Sexpresso is the term for a coffee stand that promotes a risque motiff featuring scantily clad baristas. Up in the Pacific Northwest drive-thru coffee stands are ubiquitous. Who knew that paying $3.25 for a cup of coffee could ever become such a booming business? The competition is fierce and sexpresso is a practice…

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