Hyppo and Critter: Explosively Denied

Hyppo and Critter

8 responses

  1. Environmental regulation is a job killer. On the other hand…


    1. As always, what can possibly go wrong?


  2. Next time, let them mix in midair after he’s thrown them at the cat.


    1. You must be good at contraptions.


  3. And nary a scratch on either one…all explosives should be so animal-friendly.


    1. LOL! I knew I’d get busted. I guess I’m glad it’s you. I’m not the world’s greatest cartoonist. I couldn’t figure out how to give them the Wile E. Coyote look so I did what I do best: Give up.


      1. I thought what you do best is put up…but wait, you quit your job and went out on your own. I guess now I’ll shut up.


      2. Giving up is my speciality. I’d try to convince you of that but I don’t have the fortitude. Get it? I’m giving up. Again. 🙂


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