Hyppo and Critter: Marching As To War

Hyppo and Critter

8 responses

  1. There can be no deviation from those positions.

    Speaking of that sort, do you ever hear from that really extreme right wing guy that used to climb all over you on these topics. He was amazing. If you looked left to make sure you weren’t going to be hit by a car he’d go on the attack.


    1. Holy cow. The pope just deviated. 🙂 Maybe his followers will take notice and stop talking about how they should fillet, flambé, deport and kill all the atheists they are unable to convert.

      Elric was the highlight of my day. It did get tiresome trying to debate with a viewpoint so skewed. He’d ignore facts and employ various logical fallacies. I’d say he wasn’t interested in having an intellectually honest discussion. I didn’t react the way he wanted so I think he grew bored and moved on.


  2. Someone spiked his Kool-aid. Hope he coughs up that fur ball soon.


    1. If he does, certainly that will be a sign.


  3. A pity critter didn’t paw him upside the head…


    1. A scratch for a scratch? 🙂


  4. Yeah, what happened to that guy?


    1. Maybe he flamed out?


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