Mongolian BBQ: Hoff Beef Injection

The WordPress “random post” feature found this bit of regurgitation and, for once, I happen to agree. It got no likes, no comments, no love. Feel free to pile on without limits.

Shouts from the Abyss

Mongolian BBQSorry for the Misleading Headline but this post doesn’t have anything to do with David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff. I just enjoy saying the phrase hoff beef injection. A lot. Heh!

When I lived in the big city I used to enjoy Mongolian BBQ a lot. It was something we did often. We had several places to choose from and all were super cool. Part of the experience included the challenge of overfilling your bowl. It was not frowned upon and even encouraged.

I’d start with a modest bit of protein, then add lots of veggies, especially onions. One time, a lady picked up my plate by accident. She came back and loudly complained, “Well, this certainly isn’t mine. It’s all onions! Hurrumph!”

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