James Franco & Seth Rogen Present: Bound 3

In my reality Kanye West is an incredibly crazy person. Exhibit A is his latest “song.” Is it just me or did he make in bad on purpose?

I can’t speak to what goes on in Kanye’s reality. And I wouldn’t want to know, either.

Educated Insanity

bound2When Grammy award winning producer/rapper Kanye West released the video for his song “Bound 2” off of his “Yeezus” album it was met with a lot of controversy.

The video shows West on a motorcycle riding thru the mountains while being straddled by his fiancee a half naked Kim Kardashian. Many people have basically called the video CHEEZY.

But here’s where the fun comes in actors and all around FUN DUDES James France & Seth Rogen decide to recreate the video in its ENTIRETY. Words cannot express it, you have to see this HILARIOUS ISH for yourself and look at the BROMANCE that ensues.

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