Abyss Presents: 2010 Gift Giving Guide Part 1

Here it is, dusted off from the archives and just in time for desperate Christmas shopping. The first EVER edition of the Abyss Gift Giving Guide. Hurry, though. These gifts are no longer available in stores. With any luck they’ll be found on eBay and still mint in box. While there, be sure to pick up a Starbucks metal card for only $1499.85. That’s a savings of $0.10! Will there be a 2013 Gift Giving Guide? The Magic 8-Ball says, “Very doubtful.” Go stick your head in a snow if-you-get-my drift.

Shouts from the Abyss

More fun and exciting unique gift ideas coming soon…

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4 responses

  1. So many Children of Wal-Mart. So little time.


    1. Sounds like you want to get in on the Abyss Toy Drive. That’s where we take all the toys and drive them like a herd of cattle over a cliff. Yeehaw!!


  2. git along little doggies git along!
    wonder if they still sell bag ‘o glass


    1. We went to the elementary school holiday bazaar this weekend. One table was selling labeled jars of “Nothing.”

      That’s exactly what I offered to pay, too.

      The only idea I have for the Abyss 2013 Buying Guide so far is the iGlue. It’s a highly-toxic adhesive that allows one to attached devices to their eyeballs for a true retina-to-retina multimedia experience.


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