Phil Robertson Meets Madonna in Culture War, “Political Correctness”

I seem to remember something about Bob Costas making comments regarding guns during, God forbid, a football broadcast. Where were the banners for “free speech” back then? Where were the enemies of political correctness?

Peace and Freedom

In April 1989, the Pepsi Corporation announced that it was canceling plans to broadcast a television commercial that featured Madonna, then arguably the most popular singer in the world. Madonna had released the music video for “Like a Prayer” a month earlier, and was entering a $5 million ad blitz with Pepsi. The corporation faced relentless pressure from Reverend Donald Wildmon to end its relationship with the controversial singer, and eventually caved to the pressure. The “Like a Prayer” video featured stigmata and burning crosses, but no specific derogatory terminology toward any group.

File:Cher If I Could Turn Back Time Video.jpg

Cher in the music video for “If I Could Turn Back Time”.

This was far from Wildmon’s first religious protest. Throughout the ’70s, he and his American Family Association protested dozens of targets including: Disney World for not preventing LGBT community groups from hosting “gay days” at the theme park; the film The Last Temptation of Christ

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