INTERVIEW: Chris Kluwe, NFL Punter, and Outspoken Athlete on the TPQ

Chris Kluwe was a punter in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings for eight years. Married with children, Kluwe decided to speak out on a societal issue that he cared about. (Marriage equality.) According to Kluwe, his employer responded with harassment and eventually it cost him his job. He recently wrote about the experience in a powerful piece entitled “I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot” published on This week’s Saturday Reblog is a recent interesting interview of the former NFL player by a poetry website.

The Poetry Question

I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Kluwe, the now waived Minnesota Vikings punter. He’s considered one of the more outspoken voices in sports, and has recently sparked some controversy over whether or not he was waived due to performance, or because he was an advocate for gay rights, and known for speaking his mind on all subjects about which he feels strongly. Below is the unedited interview.


TPQ: How do you feel that social media has changed the way that society looks at news? Has it been a positive or negative change? Why, or why not?

Kluwe:Social media has changed the way we look at news by shifting information gathering to an instantaneous response as opposed to a daily or weekly response, as well as converting anyone with Internet access into a potential reporter. If you look back 25 or 30 years ago, news was something…

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