Saturday Night

Some life lessons I learned at a young age. I had good teachers. Just lucky, I guess.bcrsn45

Now, this is funny. Let me catch my breath and I’ll continue. “Woot, squee!” Or is that, “Squee, woot!” Either way, I’m rolling on the floor laughing, because, what a riot.

Okay, okay. I’ll try to be serious. Life can’t always be fun and games.

Like the time a group of 6th graders got me down on the ground and beat the shit out of me. Then, in the aftermath, I was taken to the principal’s office for a spanking while they all got away scott free.

See what I mean about good times?

Then, while in fourth grade, a third grader stood next to me in the bathroom at the urinal stalls, turned, and had a nice laugh while peeing all over me. What can I say? I wasn’t exactly redshirted, know what I mean? Sadly, not all ribald tales like this one can have happy endings. Years after graduation I heard he was killed after being involved in a grisly accident where he was thrown clear and a car ended up on top of him.

One of my earliest recollections is going on a bus trip with other kids from my church. I think I would have been in the first grade. Years have faded the memories as if looking through prisms of time constructed from stained glass. I remember being excited because dad had loaned me a real camera. We visited an old Oregon town and I took pictures of a scenic and historic church. Back on the bus the kid in the next seat and I were discussing the experience. Suddenly he snatched the camera from my hands and opened the back, exposing the film. (This is a substance that, in the past, was used to capture photographs. Look it up.)

He claimed this wouldn’t hurt anything. But later back home there was a strange gap in my pictures. All of the church photos were gone. Obviously an important message from above. I learned the lesson and I learned it well.

And then there’s the strange case of Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers. Inexplicably, I owned a 45 containing this song. A 45 was a song, called a “single,” pressed onto a small vinyl disc that played at 45 rpm on a turntable. It had a song on the “b-side” but I no longer recall what it was. One day, not knowing the dangers, I loaned it to a “friend.” When he returned it a few days later, he had cleverly scratched the shit out of that thing. It never played again. Was he a future music critic? I never found out.

These are just a few important life lessons that I was fortunate to experience at an early age before the shit got too real. What are some of yours?

6 responses

  1. NotAPunkRocker | Reply

    But for the grace of God that this song has not shown up on any playlist posts of mine. Yet 🙂


    1. Luckily, thanks to iTunes technology, I was reunited with an old friend.


  2. Boo on bullies, but guess what: I had that 45!


    1. I am unnerved. Which, by the way, is what I told my dentist after yesterday’s root canal.


  3. If it makes you feel any better, when I was in fifth grade a very large bully grabbed my scarf and began to strangle me – on the bus – while no one (not even the bus driver) did anything. I managed to swing wildly and connect with his nose. He was a bleeder, evidently. He wailed and let me go. Thankfully I wasn’t punished – but I heard my teacher ask what happened and someone on the school staff say that I had done something “very unladylike”. Well. Shame on me. Next time I’ll allow myself to be strangled — like a lady.



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