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My reblog of the week features the words of Ronald Reagan.

The Dish

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is int

“The United States participated actively and effectively in the negotiation of [this] Convention. It marks a significant step in the development during this century of international measures against torture and other inhuman treatment or punishment. Ratification of the Convention by the United States will clearly express United States opposition to torture, an abhorrent practice unfortunately still prevalent in the world today.

The core provisions of the Convention establish a regime for international cooperation in the criminal prosecution of torturers relying on so-called ‘universal jurisdiction.’ Each State Party is required either to prosecute torturers who are found in its territory or to extradite them to other countries for prosecution,” – Ronald Reagan’s signing statement on the ratification of the UN Convention on Torture.

Allow me to repeat:

Each State Party is required either to prosecute torturers who are found in its territory or to extradite them to other countries for prosecution.

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  1. Double speak, Dick? Why don’t we talk to a professional, one who knows the fury and the fight of the battle, a soldier, returning after his third, fourth or fifth tour of the combat zone? Or, let us go and stand at the hallowed ground of the former World Trade Centers? Shanksville PA., or The Pentagon? Move away from the comfort of that chair, allow someone who knows nothing about political speak, but everything about grievance, loss, broken dreams, and most importantly, how it feels to ignore the insanity of a suicide bomber. Move along Dick. I’m afraid your mind is closed to reality. Your seat at the table has been taken.

    Don’t talk to me about our cruelty used upon the criminals that began the barrage of atrocities. Don’t point a finger to shame me, nor one mother, father, wife or child, that had a loved one obliterated on 9/11.

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    1. CEO of the Good Intentions Paving Co. And, by saying that, I’m giving him a lot of credit. Probably more than he really deserves. He would have made a great Penguin in the Batman movies, though. Maybe he can be in the reboot.

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