Marriott: The Evil that Men Do

Texas has a whorehouse in it!

In other news, how about some word association?

Marriott. Romney. Wifi. Gouging. Mormon. Bullying. Greed. Business. Capitalism.

Not saying that list means anything. It’s just a list of words. -Ed.

It’s turns out that Marriott hotels owned and operated a wifi blocking network that prevented their “guests” from accessing the internet. The idea was that internet-hungry guests would then pay $250 to $1,000 per device to access the internet through Mariott’s network.

At least their pricing is reasonable.

I didn’t even know that kind of technology existed. Marriott is way ahead of me on this one.

Amazingly, Mariott makes no bones about this, going to the FCC and asking for permission to continue the practice. Groups like Microsoft and Google stand in opposition to the request.

Mariott’s position is basically that this has nothing to do with money. It’s about protecting their network which contains sophisticated data like credit cards and such.

Mariott: Where there’s a Book of Mormon in every room and they treat you like this. No word yet on their $500 per square “upgrade” on toilet paper program.

Pro Tip: Don’t be a Marriott customer. Ever.

This post was written on free hotel wifi. Thanks, Quality Inn.

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